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FIT Sales Terms and Conditions

Part A: General Terms
These terms apply to all FIT sales of accommodation and destination services (“FIT Products”) made by www.forerez.com  to trade customers who have signed a Sales Agreement (“the Client”).  These terms & conditions, together with the Sales Agreement, any Credit Agreement, the XML Booking Services Agreement (if applicable), any Booking confirmation and any special conditions linked to the FIT Product, shall form the entire agreement between FORE and the Client.  By making a Booking, the Client acknowledges and accepts these terms & conditions, together with any appendices.

The customer using the website who are Minor /under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website.

In these terms:
"we", "us" and "our" mean FORE and "you", "your" and "yours" mean the Client; 
“Bookings” means bookings or reservations for FIT Products; “destination services” means non-hotel travel services, including but not limited to hotels, villas, sight-seeing, transfers, car hire, rail tickets and theatre tickets; “Central Booking System” means the computer system operated by FORE, by which the Client (amongst others), can make Bookings either through the FOREREZ SYSTEM or through an XML interface;

“FIT Bookings”  means bookings of 9 or fewer persons; “tariff” means the list of rates and prices charged by FORE from time to time for FIT Products; “traveller” means the person travelling, i.e. your client; “FOREREZ SYSTEM” means the FORE Wholesale Booking System which gives access to the Central Booking System.


  1. Bookings may be made either (i) through the FOREREZ SYSTEM; or (ii) if the Client is an XML Client, through the XML Interface, or the XML Call Centre Site as these terms are defined in the Client's XML Booking Services Agreement.   Bookings for suites and some destination services can only be made by email.  Telephone Booking requests will not be accepted.
  2. Each Booking request shall be treated as an offer to enter into a formal legally binding contract on these terms & conditions which will be deemed to have been accepted by us only when we have transmitted to you our confirmation of the reservation.  It is your responsibility to read any documentation and special conditions accompanying the Booking and to ensure, in particular, that your staff are aware of the points noted as being the specific responsibility of the Client.
  3. Booking requests will be invoiced according to our tariff current at the time the booking is confirmed to you. We reserve the right to vary our tariff prices at any time on notice to you as a result of trade fairs, changes in government taxes or other matters outside our control such as currency fluctuations.
  4. Changes to our tariff, price changes, trade fair periods, hotel name changes, hotel renovations and other important information will be sent to you via a weekly broadcast every Friday by email.  You will be deemed to have received the broadcast unless you notify us that it was not received on the preceding week. It is your responsibility to keep FORE informed of a valid, central email address for receiving broadcast messages. 
  5. It may be necessary to apply tax related increases to existing bookings.  Any increase in rates as a result of currency fluctuations  shall only be made where the currency fluctuation exceeds 3%.
  6. You may only use the FORE FOREREZ SYSTEM and XML Interface for FIT sales (bookings of 9 or fewer persons) only.  Booking requests for more than 9 people must be sent to our groups department by email.  If you attempt to flout this rule by splitting groups to make them appear as FIT sales, hotels will be within their rights to levy charges for group cancellation or otherwise, for which you will be liable. We may cancel bookings you have added to our system, if they appear to us to be group bookings and not genuine FIT Bookings.
  7. Bookings may be made only for bona fide reservations.  We may cancel bookings when they appear to us to have been made with the intention to hold space.
    FORE rates provided are for re-sale in your Territory only (as defined in your Sales Agreement). You are not permitted to actively market FORE rates via your own systems or any third party systems so that they can be viewed outside your Territory.
  8. Bookings may be confirmed with a gross, commissionable rate. In such event, our confirmation will include details of the commission due to you.
  9. You may add your trade clients or sub-agents as FOREREZ SYSTEM users.  You will be responsible for all Bookings made by such clients or sub-agents you add and all payments due on such Bookings.
  10. Should it be necessary for you to send us a reminder or chaser it must be clearly marked as such to avoid a new Booking from being created.
  11. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information supplied to FORE is accurate.  You will pay any charges resulting from incorrect information being provided to FORE.  The titles, spelling of names and child dates of birth must be supplied as they appear in the passport.  Should the details in the confirmation not be correct you must advise FORE immediately.   


  1. You must provide travellers with their voucher which must indicate that the FIT Product is payable by Forerez.com (or another supplier if so advised in our confirmation) and must include the FORE or other supplier booking reference number.
  2. You are solely responsible for vouchers issued by you. If a traveller cancels a booking you are responsible for the retrieval of any vouchers issued in conjunction with that cancelled booking. Any vouchers not retrieved and presented by the supplier to FORE with the supplier's invoice will be your responsibility and you will be billed accordingly.

Please refer to further information on vouchers in Parts B and C of these Terms.


  1. When a booking, not made via the FOREREZ SYSTEM or XML Interface, is cancelled at your request by FORE, we will send you a confirmation of cancellation.  You must inform us if you do not receive this confirmation as failure to do so may result in us charging for a non-arrival.
  2. We reserve the right to be indemnified by you in full against all loss, costs, damages, charges and expenses incurred by us as a result of any cancellation you have made.

Payment and Charges

  1. You will pay the price shown on the Booking confirmation, which supersedes any rate shown elsewhere.
  2. Our invoice may be issued to you electronically. We will invoice you for Bookings immediately after the commencement date of the FIT Product. Payment is due within the number of days specified in your Credit Agreement after the date of issue of our invoice and must be made in the quoted currency by banker's draft or bank transfer to the relevant bank account specified in Appendix A or payment can be made through credit/debit card by using our online payment gateway.
  3. We may, from time to time, raise invoices in a currency other than that shown in our tariff should it become impossible for us to obtain payment within 28 days of the banking of the draft or receipt of a bank transfer.  Such invoices must be settled in the invoice currency and not the tariff currency.
  4. All invoices are due and payable without discount, set-off or other claim you may have against us.  If there is any item of dispute arising out of or in connection with any invoice, full details of the dispute must be made known to us in writing within 21 days of the date of issue of the disputed invoice(s).
  5. If payment is not received upon the due date in accordance with these conditions, we reserve the right to:-
    1. disconnect access to any of our electronic systems.
    2. cease making reservations sent to us.
    3. terminate with immediate effect any or all contracts with you at our discretion
    4. demand prepayment for existing bookings as a condition of their not being cancelled
    5. cancel any space being held on your behalf.
    6. charge interest on a daily basis at a rate of ten percent per annum calculated on the total amount of each outstanding invoice from the date of issue, until the date of payment (together with all costs (legal or otherwise) and expenses incurred by us or on our behalf in the collection of any overdue amount.


It is your responsibility to train your agents and to provide technical and operational support for them.  We will not accept direct communication from your agents in any form and will immediately refer them back to you if this occurs.  You will be fully responsible for the payment in full of all bookings your agents have made through the FOREREZ SYSTEM.


Where practical, complaints should be reported to the hotel or service supplier on the spot.  FORE will not be liable to you for a problem which could have been rectified during the travellers' stay had the hotel or service supplier been made aware of it.  In any event, FORE must be informed of all complaints within 28 days of the event giving rise to the complaint.

Visa/Invitation Letter Requests

  1. FORE will process, upon request and payment of a fee, visa or invitation letters for short stay tourism visas.  Please advise us by email or fax that you will require a visa letter to be issued when creating a Booking, stating the Booking ID number.  The fee is payable even if the Booking is later cancelled and regardless of the reason for the cancellation.  If you make any changes after the letter has been issued, you will be charged for each additional letter.
  2. Visa and invitation letters are issued on the understanding that travellers will stay in the hotel booked and return home after their trip.  We reserve the right to refuse to provide such letters if it becomes apparent that they are being requested solely as a means of providing entry into a country for travellers.
Termination of the agreement
If you:
  1. fail to pay any sum due under this agreement;
  2. breach any of your obligations and fail to cure such breach within 7 days of receiving notice from us specifying the breach;
  3. go into compulsory or voluntary liquidation;
  4. have an administrator appointed or a receiver, administrative receiver or manager is appointed over any part of your assets or business; or
  5. cease or threaten to cease your business then, without affecting our other rights under this agreement, we may terminate this agreement on immediate notice.

Restricted Information

  1. All information (including text and images) displayed on any site run by FORE or any of its affiliated companies remains the property of FORE or its affiliates.  You may not copy any information of any sort from any FORE site without our permission.
  2. The FOREREZ SYSTEM is only available to bona fide FORE Clients and their authorised sub-agents. You may give access to the FOREREZ SYSTEM to your sub-agents in your Territory using the system software but you are responsible for all Bookings, and the payment of all Bookings, made by your sub-agents. No software, or means of access to any FORE systems, may be passed to a third party, without the written permission of FORE other than for allowing the creation of sub-agents user profiles.  Should you cease to be a client of FORE, your access to the FOREREZ SYSTEM and all other FORE systems will automatically cease as will that of your sub-agents.
  3. All our hotel information and reports are as accurate as possible however we shall not be liable in any way to you or to any third parties should any such information or reports prove to be incorrect or incomplete in any way.
  4. In no circumstances may you disclose FORE's published rates or any information relating to them or  these terms and conditions to anyone who is not a member/or employee of your agency.  We reserve the right to cancel all reservations and terminate with immediate effect all contracts without notice to you, should you be in breach of this condition.
  5. You may not use the FORE name or logo or any FORE trade marks or any merchandising without our prior written approval.
  6. You shall not misrepresent your relationship with FORE in such a way that it could be construed that your business is in some way a part of FORE or its affiliated companies.
  1. We act only as an intermediary in making arrangements for hotels, transportation or any other services. As such we are not liable for personal injury, illness, property damage or other loss of expense of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of any actions of hotels, transportation company or other company or person providing or rendering services reserved through us.
  2. From time to time a hotel will be unable to accept a confirmed Booking (a “book-out”).  We will always do our best to avoid book-outs but where it happens we will seek to provide you with a suitable alternative.  We are not able to guarantee in all cases that alternative accommodation booked will be of the same standard or in the same location.
  3. We shall not be liable for and shall be indemnified by you in respect of any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) or third party claims (including any cancellation fees) suffered as a result of any incorrect or incomplete details in your booking.
  4. FORE's maximum liability to you for all claims (including negligence) arising under each Booking is limited to 200% of the charges due to be paid by you in respect of the Booking.  This shall not apply to FORE's liability for death or injury caused by its negligence. 
  1. All contracts between us will be governed as per UK law. On receipt of your Booking request we shall imply your consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts in all matters.
  2. Refund/Return Policy: Refunds will be done through the Original Mode of Payment.
  3. FORE shall not be liable to you due to its inability to fulfil the Booking by reason of any fire, earthquake, flood, substantial snowstorm, epidemic, explosion, strikes, riot, civil disturbance, war, act of God, any failure or delay of any transportation, power or communications system or any similar events which are beyond the control of FORE.  In such event, FORE shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide alternative arrangements or refund any sums paid.
  4. The failure by either party to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy under these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the right or remedy, or a waiver of any other rights or remedies. 
  5. All content in or on FORE's Central Booking System (including pictures, designs, logos, text and other materials) are owned or controlled by or licensed to FORE.  Copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights protect all content and unauthorised use of this content is prohibited.
  6. All descriptions, representations, illustrations and other particulars supplied by FORE or contained in the Central Booking System are given for general information only and you agree that it is not entering into a Booking relying upon any such description or representation. 
  7. All notices shall be made in writing or sent by fax or email to the address of the other party last known to the sender.  Any fax or email notice shall not be effective until the sender has received confirmation of a satisfactory receipt of successful transmission.
  8. We reserve the right to change these Terms from time to time.  We will inform you of such change by posting a notice on the FOREREZ SYSTEM.

Part B: Special Terms for Hotel Bookings

Making Bookings

  1. We will always try your requested hotel first.  If we cannot confirm it we will, whenever possible, confirm an alternative.  It is your responsibility to cancel or amend such alternatives if you do not approve them.  Failure to cancel an alternative that is not acceptable will result in non-arrival charges.  We will only confirm an alternative if your requested hotel is not available.  We will not confirm an alternative if you have told us you will only accept your requested hotel.
  2. Special requests to hotels such as non-smoking, adjoining or interconnecting rooms, will be passed on but cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Disabled rooms usually have wheelchair access but do not necessarily include features for the seriously disabled.
  4. If you ask us to book extra space on a confirmed booking but we cannot do so, we will cancel the rooms held and make a new booking for the full reservation at a new hotel, unless you tell us you will not accept another hotel. In this case we would reject the request for extra space.
  5. When you wish to add nights to confirmed bookings, you must modify the original booking; do not book the extra nights as a new item.
  6. Hotels are under renovation from time to time and will take all possible steps to limit disruption to their guests.  If a hotel is carrying out renovations whilst a guest is resident, this will not entitle you to a refund.
  7. If we specifically advise of renovation work, dates may be provided but these may be subject to change and we are not always notified.  FORE will not be held accountable for complaints concerning renovations that extend beyond the date originally advised.
  8. In most hotels the normal earliest check in time is 1400 hrs but in some, especially in the USA, it may be as late as 1600hrs.
  9. We guarantee only the first night of a booking (unless otherwise advised at time of confirmation); hotels may release rooms if the traveller has not arrived by 0500hrs (local time) following the arrival date.
  10. Triple and quad rooms may consist of twin or double bed/s plus extra bed, or two double beds.  In some hotels, all triple rooms are doubles with an extra bed.  Most hotels do not have one full size bed for each guest in their triple or quad rooms. If an extra bed is required, an additional charge may be applied which should be paid directly to the hotel.
  11. In USA and Canada twins/doubles are defined by the number of occupants and not the type of bed i.e. if a twin is confirmed hotels may provide a double (with ONE bed) instead as both sleep 2 people. Passengers may request separate beds upon reservation, however, separate beds are not guaranteed.  Triples and quads are not made up of single beds, they will generally contain two double beds.  Most hotels cannot add additional beds to make a triple or quad but rollaway beds may be available for an additional charge.
  12. Bookings must not be made with fictitious names to hold space. If you do not book with the correct name you may receive non-arrival charges.
  13. In the event you make a double (duplicate) booking and wish to correct this, please ensure you flag a remark to FORE stating “Double booking, please make sure hotel holds booking ID.. (providing the reference of the booking you wish to keep)”, before sending the cancellation to FORE. At the same time, you should also send the booking that you wish to keep with a remark stating “ We have cancelled a double booking, please make sure that the hotel holds room(s) under this reference.” FORE will then reconfirm it with the hotel.
  14. Some hotels have separate rates for day use only which will be identified by “Day Let” in the hotel name.  Day let rates cannot be used for overnight stay bookings and do not include breakfast. Hotels may charge their published rate on departure if a traveller stays beyond the Day Let period. 

Rates and charges

  1. All quoted rates are per room (with private bath or shower unless shown as otherwise) and include breakfast (unless otherwise specified), service charges and government taxes.  The applicable currency is displayed.  Where different prices are charged for different days of the week, the days on which rates apply are shown against each rate period.
  2. Trade fair prices shown in our tariff will supersede prices outside trade fair periods.
  3. Certain periods (e.g., religious holidays, New Year, major sporting events and others) may attract higher prices in some cities.  These are not strictly trade fairs but during these periods our rates may be close to or even above the published rates, and they should be treated in the same way as trade fair periods.
  4. If the child supplement shows as N/A, bookings should be made for a triple room and will be charged at the full rate for three adults.  Child supplements can only be added to the twin or double room rate to obtain the price for a room with two adults and one child.  The supplements will apply to children between the ages of 2-12 years (unless a different age range is specified).  Child supplements will not be available if the child's age is not specified at the time of booking and we will charge for three adults in a triple room if this information is not supplied. Cribs for babies are only suitable for those under 2 years. While cribs may show as available at the time of booking, they are subject to availability upon check in.
  5. Some hotels offer different rates (in singles for example) depending on the total number of rooms booked.
  6. In some hotels no additional bedding is provided for a child where the child is either free or at a reduced price and breakfast may be charged for the child on departure.  If a child requires a bed of their own you must request a triple and no child discount will apply.
  7. We may notify you of changes to the tariffs of certain hotels from time to time. 
  8. We will not honour any rate you claim we have given to you over the telephone.
  9. If a hotel levies an energy surcharge or a resort fee the traveller must pay such charges directly to the hotel.
  10. If a hotel levies a local telephone service charge (to allow travellers to make unlimited local calls from their room) it must be paid by the traveller when departing from the hotel.
  11. Any promotions for free or discounted nights based on a minimum night stay do not apply during trade fair periods.
  12. Some hotels have floating published rates that change daily.  We will not pay refunds or accept as a reason for non-payment, that our rate was, on the day, close to or above the hotel's published rate.
  13. Most hotels require a major credit card to be provided upon check-in to cover incidentals.  In the absence of a credit card, a cash deposit may be required.  All extras incurred by travellers must be paid directly to the hotel before their departure; FORE will not be responsible for travellers' personal hotel charges.

Country-specific information

  1. Hotels in North America will only accept guests under the age of 21 years if accompanied by an adult.
  2. Ryokans are traditional style Japanese hotels based on traditional architecture. Local Japanese customs (such as wearing a Kimono and not wearing shoes) will be required, meals are Japanese and staff may have poor knowledge of any language other than Japanese.
  3. Tourists arriving at their first hotel on a visit to Russia may have to pay a tourist tax.

Trade Fair Periods

  1. During some trade fairs our prices may be above hotels' published rates.  Should any trade fair dates change or new trade fair rates apply, we will notify you of such changes and invoice you at the revised rate for all future bookings.
  2. Supplements charged by hotels during trade fair periods may be advised at the time of confirmation.
  3. You may be given cancellation deadlines and we are unable to remind you of these.  The responsibility for cancelling by the specified date will be yours.  If you do not cancel in time you will be liable for full charges in accordance with these conditions.
  4. Some hotels will not accept amendments to trade fair Bookings once confirmed.  We will advise you of this before confirmation.


  1. Unless you have advised us otherwise, we will invoice you for the number of nights stated on your voucher or on the hotel's invoice to us (whichever is the greater) regardless of the number of nights actually used by the traveller.  If the traveller departs early, some hotels, particularly in USA/Canada, will charge for all nights booked, or a fixed charge in addition to the number of nights actually used.  In order to avoid disputes about charges, you must ensure that the traveller obtains from the hotel a written confirmation of the departure date and time, if leaving before the confirmed departure date.
  2. For some hotels the voucher must state that payment is by our local agent, where our confirmation indicates the handling agent's name, together with the handling agent's own reference number which will be in our confirmation.
  3. In the USA/Canada, if the reservation is for more than one room and if travellers have different names, all travellers' names must be printed on the voucher.  Names such as “TBA” or “X & Party” will not be accepted.  If travellers are arriving at different times, they must each carry their own voucher.  They may also be charged direct if the voucher does not carry the booking reference we have confirmed.
  4. All hotels are advised that travellers may arrive without a voucher and that we will pay them based on our confirmation.
  5. Notwithstanding 16.4 above, in the USA/Canada travellers may not be allowed to check-in without a voucher or may be charged directly if they fail to present a valid voucher.


  1. Cancellations, outside  trade fair periods, must be received in the FORE office to which you send your requests via FOREREZ SYSTEM 2 day prior to arrival.  Some hotels require a longer period of cancellation than this to avoid charges. Such periods will be shown in the tariff (under special conditions) or on the Booking.  In all cases the cancellation period indicated in the Booking will prevail.
  2. Bookings made during trade fair periods or special events cannot be cancelled or amended after they have been reconfirmed or after the cancellation deadline has passed without incurring cancellation charges.
  3. If any part of a stay falls in a trade fair period, the special conditions and related charges will be applied to all nights booked.  For cancellations other than during trade fair periods, we will charge a cancellation fee of a minimum of one night for non-arrival and/or late cancellation. 
  4. If your client or agent claims to have cancelled a Booking directly with a hotel, a minimum of one night's charge will be levied if the hotel later charges FORE.
  5. If we invoice you for a non-arrival but the hotel later confirms the traveller did stay we will raise a supplementary invoice for the additional nights which you must pay. 

 Delivery Policy:

  1. “FOREREZ.COM” will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC sanctions countries in compliance with the law of UK.”

 Method of Payment, Card Types accepted and Currency:

  1. We accept payments online using Visa and Master Card credit/debit card in AED/USD/EURO.


  1. From time to time we may have promotions for free or discounted nights based on a minimum night stay.  Occasionally the offer may stipulate that meals are not included in the offer.  If meals are taken during the offer period they will be charged to the traveller by the hotel, usually on departure.
  2. The type of breakfast included in the rates for each hotel is indicated by a letter code as follows:

    A American B Cold Buffet
    C Continental E English
    H Hot Buffet I Israeli
    J Japanese M Moroccan
    O Room Service Continental R Irish
    S Scandinavian T Scottish
    V Extended Buffet  X Chinese

Continental - A cold breakfast usually served at the table.  Minimum requirement is bread and jam with a hot drink. It may include ham, cheese or fruit
Cold Buffet - An extended continental breakfast but self-service.  Usually contains items in continental breakfast plus cold drinks, cereal and salads.
Hot Buffet - As with the cold buffet but including additional hot food, minimum bacon and eggs.
American - Hot food, such as bacon and eggs served at the table.

The above information is given only as a guide and can vary considerably from hotel to hotel.

Part C: Special Terms for Destination Services


  1. There may be an additional charge for hours outside normal service which will be confirmed at time of booking.
  2. All information in the tariff is correct at the time of tariff issue. 
  3. Any such additional prices will be confirmed to you as a special condition at the time of our confirmation.
Theatre/Entertainment & Sporting Events
  1. Tickets are on request. When we receive your instruction to book we treat this as our guarantee that you will pay for them. If, in the end, we cannot secure the ticket requested we will advise you and there will not be any charges.
  2. All ticket requests must state the following:
    • Maximum budget.
    • Date of performance/show/event and alternative dates to try, if any.
    • Whether matinee or evening performance desired.
    • Name of traveller.
  3. Unless otherwise advised, all theatre tickets are to be collected at the box office and the traveller must be provided with a voucher stating the following details:
    • Name of show and theatre.
    • Date and time of the performance.
    • FORE booking reference number.
    • Reserved by (the supplier specified in our confirmation.
    • Travellers' name and number of tickets.
  4. Where box office collection is not possible, the tickets will be sent directly to the hotel on the travellers' arrival. Tickets can be sent by courier or mail at an additional cost which will be passed on to you.
  5. FORE will not accept any responsibility for any tickets lost where travellers have requested delivery to the hotel by mail.

Private Transfers And Tailor-Made Sightseeing

  1. All vehicles provided will be based on 1 piece of luggage per person. We must be advised if any travellers will have more than 1 piece each, as it may be necessary to arrange for a larger vehicle. If we are not so advised we will not be responsible for any additional charges should a larger vehicle be required.
  2. Any transfer or guide supplement that may apply will be advised at the time of reservation.
  3. If there is a delay (other than that caused by the supplier) which results in the service taking place in a supplement period as defined in the tariff, you will be liable to pay such additional supplement.
  4. Transfers are planned taking into account normal local traffic conditions. In the event that conditions during the course of the transfer mean that a flight, train or other connection is missed, FORE will accept no liability or responsibility for any additional costs the passengers may incur.
  5. For services starting at an airport, station or port the waiting time for the driver is 1 hour from the actual passenger arrival, unless otherwise stated. For services starting from other points there is no waiting time for the driver. Passengers must ensure they are waiting at the specified meeting point, as shown on their voucher, at least 5 minutes prior to the confirmed pick-up time.
  6. If travelling with babies and infants it is the responsibility of travellers to ensure that they bring with them, as well as fit, the correct child /infant seat for use in the booked vehicle. Failure to do this could result in the service not taking place with no refund possible

Shared Transfers

  1. When joining a transfer, the traveller must produce a valid voucher. Without this voucher, the supplier will refuse to allow the traveller to join the transfer.
  2. For services beginning at airports, stations or ports, it is the travellers responsibility to check their voucher and follow the procedure set out in order to join their transfer.
  3. Transfers are provided on the basis of one average sized suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person. Should the travellers bring more luggage than this, they may be liable to a supplement to be paid directly to the transfer provider.
  4. Should the traveller not be able to join their transfer at the start of a service, it is their responsibility to call the relevant telephone number as shown on the Extra Information sheet before making alternative arrangements.
  5. For services beginning from accommodation, travellers should ensure that they are waiting at the appointed meeting point, as shown on the voucher, at least 5 minutes prior to your confirmed pick up time.
  6. When advising details for the service travellers wish to book, it is their responsibility to ensure that all details sent to us are correct.
  7. For services ending at airports, stations or ports, it is the traveller's responsibility to ensure that enough time has been left to complete their transfer, leaving enough time to complete all check-in and customs procedures.
  8. The durations of all transfers are representative of the driving time in average driving conditions. We take no responsibility for a flight, train or other connection being missed should the duration of the service exceed that which we display.
  9. Suppliers of shared transfers reserve the right to ask any person to withdraw from any transfer if they deem their acts or conduct offensive or a nuisance to other passengers and there shall be no further liability.
  10. Suppliers of shared transfers decline any responsibility for articles forgotten or lost in their vehicles.
  11. Pick up times from hotels and duration of all transfers are approximate and may be subject to traffic conditions.
  12. Where hotel pick-up is offered, suppliers will pick up from the majority of major hotels in the city, but not necessarily from all hotels.
  13. If the supplier is unable to pick travellers up from your requested hotel, an alternative pick-up point will be suggested.
  14. Suppliers of shared transfers reserve the right to alter or to cancel services at short or no notice for any reason.
  15. Where it is necessary to cancel the transfer, travellers will be offered a full refund.
  16. Tips are not included. These are at the traveller's discretion.
  17. Porterage is not included.
  18. If the traveller has booked a return service, the traveller must always confirm their return travel on arrival to secure their place, as schedules may be subject to change without notice, or may be cancelled if travel coincides with a national holiday.

Scheduled Sightseeing Tours & Extended Tours

  1. If the tour offers a hotel pick-up the traveller must call the supplier 24 hours in advance to request and confirm such a pick-up.
  2. Scheduled sightseeing or extended tours may comprise visits to more than one country. Neither FORE nor the tour supplier  accepts any responsibility should a traveller not be able to proceed with such a tour because s/he does not have the  required travel documentation, e.g. a valid passport or visa. Failure to have such documentation may result in the traveller being refused entry into a country on the tour itinerary.  In this event, no refunds will be given.
  3. Some scheduled sightseeing or extended tours require a minimum number of passengers before proceeding. In the event that the minimum requirement has not been met the supplier may cancel any bookings. We will endeavour to advise you of any cancellations as soon as possible.
  4. Tour suppliers reserve the right to alter itineraries or to cancel tours at short or no notice for any reason.  Occasionally scheduled sightseeing and extended tours do not proceed for local reasons. In the event that it becomes necessary to cancel a tour, at least one of the following alternatives will be offered:
    • To continue with the requested tour but at an alternative time or date.
    • To change to a different tour.
    • To receive a full refund
  5. FORE is not liable and will not offer compensation in the event that a scheduled sightseeing or extended tour does not proceed.
  6. Tips are not included in any of the prices unless stated otherwise. They are at the discretion of the passenger.
  7. Children travelling free may not be entitled to meals and must be carried on the lap of an accompanying adult if no seats are available.
  8. Tour suppliers reserve the right to ask any person to withdraw from any tour if they deem their behaviour or conduct offensive or a nuisance to other passengers.  Any refund will be made at the discretion of the tour supplier.
  9. Neither FORE nor the tour suppliers are responsible for articles left in their vehicles.
  10. Pick up times from hotels and duration of tours is approximate and may be subject to local traffic conditions.
  11. Where a hotel pick up is offered, suppliers will pick up passengers from the majority of the major hotels in the city, but not necessarily from all hotels. If the supplier is unable to pick up from a requested hotel, an alternative pick up point will be suggested.

Cancellation of all Destination Services except accommodation, car hire and rail, sea or air transportation

  1. Should it be necessary for you to cancel a service which was not booked on-line you will receive an email from us to confirm your cancellation. If you do not receive such an email from us please resend your cancellation request. Cancelled bookings can be checked on-line only if they have been booked on-line.
  2. In the event that charges are incurred for the cancellation, you will be advised in a separate message.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, cancellation of Bookings must be received not less than 48 hours in advance and any cancellations received after this deadline will be charged in full. Other cancellation deadlines may be advised on-line or in our tariff for specific tours.
  4. No refund will be made for any unused portions of the Booking.

Hotels & Villas

  1. Where such information is available, grading is according to the general standard of the accommodation. An official body does not always carry out this grading, and it is not equivalent to standard star ratings used for hotels. Grading should be regarded as a general guide only for information and they are not warranted or guaranteed by us.

    Grade 1. Acceptable overall level of quality. Adequate provision of furniture, furnishings and fittings.
    Grade 2. Good overall level of quality. Good overall standard of furnishings, service and guest care.
    Grade 3. Good to very good level of quality. Good standard of maintenance and decoration. Ample space and good quality furniture.
    Grade 4. Excellent overall level of quality. Very good care and attention to detail will be obvious throughout.
    Grade 5. Exceptional overall level of quality. High levels of décor, fixtures and fittings, together with excellent standards of management efficiency and guest services. Excellent range of accessories and personal touches.
  2. Any damage to any hotels or villa or to any of the property therein is the responsibility of the person who caused it and charges for such damage must be paid on departure.
  3. Travellers must comply with any rules and regulations set by the accommodation provider.
  4. The total number of people (including infants and children) using the accommodation must not exceed the maximum occupancy shown in our information; otherwise arriving guests may be refused access to the accommodation or charged an additional amount.
  5. Travellers are responsible for payment of any charges made, in applicable properties, for use of facilities such as electricity, gas, water, telephone, linen, security and for any other fees levied by the accommodation provider for the use of amenities.
  6. Travellers are likely to be asked to pay a deposit on arrival at the accommodation. It will normally be charged to a credit card, in order to cover supplementary charges that may be incurred during their stay.
  7. Any plan of the layout of the accommodation we may supply is based on specifications supplied to us by the accommodation providers. The plan will only be a general representation of the accommodation. Actual unit size, design, fixtures, furnishings and facilities may vary from those shown on the plan.

Cancellation and Amendment Conditions (hotels and Villas)

  1. Outside Trade Fair and Special Event Periods. For bookings which require a minimum night stay for each booking (usually but not exclusively either three nights, seven nights or multiples of seven nights) a charge amounting to not less than 25% of the value of the booking will be levied for cancellations made from the date of confirmation up to 9 days prior to the arrival date.
  2. 100% of the value of the booking will be levied for cancellation of any hotels booking made from 8 days prior to arrival, up to and including the arrival date.
  3. If the number of hotels booked is reduced this may be defined as a cancellation of each amended hotels and the cancellation policy may apply. We will always try to get any charges for such changes waived but we cannot guarantee to be able to do so.
  4. No charge is made for amending the length of stay of a booking up to 3 days prior to the arrival date.
  5. Charges might apply to amendments made within 3 days of arrival and these will be advised on a booking by booking basis.

Car Hire

  1. Car bookings will be invoiced using the currency selected in the online shopping basket.
  2. Where special cancellation conditions apply to any car hire reservation, you will be informed of the relevant conditions at the time of booking.
  3. FORE is not an agent for any particular car hire company.
  4. The voucher confirms that we have placed your reservation with the car hire company shown on the voucher, but it is not a rental agreement. Upon vehicle collection, the Traveller will be required to sign a rental agreement which will be subject to local laws, provided by the car hire company.
  5. Please refer to the specific conditions of the car hire supplier shown on the site, which you will be asked to acknowledge before placing a booking. We also suggest you check the 'Driving Tips' shown on the site booking pages. The conditions of rental shown on this site are not exhaustive. Full conditions of rental will be contained within the car hire company's rental agreement

Cancellations and Amendments (Car Hire)

  1. For reservations without special conditions, cancellation charges will be applied in relation to the notice period between notification of cancellation and the date the service is due to commence:

    Notice period Charges
    0-24hrs 100% charges
    More than 24 hours No charges

  2. No refund will be given for early return of the vehicle.
  3. We are unable to make amendments to confirmed car hire bookings. If you need to change the reservation details, please cancel the existing booking and re-book with the new requirements.

 Transportation bookings

  1. Bookings for rail, sea or air transportation will be subject to additional terms and cancellation conditions which are incorporated into these terms and conditions.

European Rail Passes

  1. Rail Passes are issued in a booklet with a cover or wallet (pass cover) containing additional conditions which apply to the Rail Pass. The coupon(s) in the booklet, together with the pass cover, form a single travel document.  Coupon(s) without a cover and/or without a date stamp and/or imprint of the issuing office are invalid.
  2. Each Rail Pass is valid for travel within the countries and on the services specified for each type of pass.
  3. The rail pass is strictly personal, non-transferable and only valid upon presentation of a passport or a valid travel document replacing the passport.
  4. The Rail Pass must be validated by a European railway ticket office before travel and within 6 months of the pass being issued, in accordance with the instructions on the pass cover.   Validation on board trains will be subject to an extra fee.
  5. Travel must be completed within the period of validity on the pass.
  6. Seat reservations are compulsory on most long distance trains.  The Rail Pass does not guarantee a seat on a train or passage on a ship, unless a seat reservation is secured in advance.  Please enquire before travel at the issuing office or in Europe at a railway station or a shipping company office.
  7. Fees for seat reservations, sleeping accommodation, meals and other extra services on board trains and ships are not included and must be paid for separately. 
  8. If the Traveller cannot present a valid passport with his/her Rail Pass, control staff are authorized to demand payment of a full fare ticket and a fine, charged in conformity with the conditions of the rail carrier concerned.
  9. Rail Passes may be confiscated and/or fines imposed if the pass is not validated, has been altered or tampered with, is forged or used by a person other than  the named traveller and if the pass is used beyond the validity period. 
  10. Neither FORE nor the rail carrier will be held responsible for loss due to strikes, delays or missed connections, theft or loss of non-registered baggage.
  11. FORE is merely an intermediary of the rail carriers of Europe and accepts no liability resulting from the transport contract.
  12. No refunds or replacements will be made for loss, theft or partly used Rail Passes.  For refunds on unused passes please refer to the conditions on the pass cover.
  13. The Rail Pass is valid in the class indicated on the pass.  For 1st class travel with a 2nd class pass, the full difference between 1st and 2nd fare on the respective route must be paid, where this is permitted within the conditions of the pass.
  14. Where trains transit through a country not covered by the Rail Pass, an additional ticket must be purchased.
  15. The pass holder must enter the chosen date of each travel day on the pass before boarding the first train/ship of that day.   Please refer to the conditions on the Rail Pass for more details.